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The Adjutant General's Priorities



We, the Massachusetts National Guard, are a critical contributor to national defense, domestic tranquility, and international stability. Daily, our Soldiers, Airmen and civilian employees make extraordinary contributions in their hometowns, across the country, and around the world.


It is a distinct honor to lead such an incredible team.


Three priorities will guide my service as your 43rd Adjutant General:


#1. Field Winning Teams: We will field the best organized, manned, equipped, and trained units to ensure that our Soldiers and Airmen are ready to fight and win the Nation’s wars and secure the homeland. That is what the people of the Commonwealth and the Nation expect and what you, our service members, deserve. We will make it clear why; “The Nation’s First is the Nation’s Best!”


#2. Invest In Our People: In an improving economy attracting and retaining the best talent is difficult. When we train and develop our Soldiers, Airmen, and civilian employees, they return to their families, employers and communities better than when they began service in our ranks. Our people are our most important asset, and investments in them deliver the greatest return for the Commonwealth and Nation.


#3. Build Enduring Relationships: We are a community based force whose connections have local depth and global reach. It is one of the National Guard’s many unique strengths that we will continue to leverage for the benefit of our country and Commonwealth. Everyone with a relationship to a current or former Massachusetts National Guard service member must know how important their continued support is to the success of our mission.


You make me proud to be a member of the Massachusetts National Guard. Thanks to you for serving, as well as to all those who make your contributions to our team possible.




Major General, MA ANG

The Adjutant General


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