Advisory Groups Meetings

All meetings of the EMC and its advisory councils will be publicly announced in advance so that the public is able to participate. The EMC is a regulatory body within the Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs, created by Massachusetts Chapter 47 of the Acts of 2002. The purpose of the EMC is to ensure the permanent protection of the drinking water supply and wildlife habitat of the Upper Cape Water Supply Reserve (the Reserve), located on Camp Edwards/Joint Base Cape Cod. The EMC provides oversight, monitoring and evaluation of civilian and military activities in the Reserve to ensure that all military and other activities on the Reserve are compatible with the purpose of resource protection.

Contact: Leonard Pinaud, EMC Environmental Officer at 339-202-9487 or


The next meeting of the Community Advisory Council, tentatively scheduled for June 17, 2021, is being rescheduled due to changes in Open Meeting Requirements effective June 15, 2021 related to termination of the Covid State of Emergency and the related Executive Orders.

Information for this meeting will be posted on this site and a Public Notice will be issued as soon as details are finalized.