Environmental Management Commission

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Over the Reserve photo taken from the air of miles of green, lush trees against a clear blue skyThe Environmental Management Commission (EMC) ensures the permanent protection of the drinking water supply and wildlife habitat of the Upper Cape Water Supply Reserve (the Reserve). The Reserve is 15,000 acres comprising the northern training area of Camp Edwards, the major training area for the Army National Guard Soldiers in the Northeast. The northern 15,000 acres of Joint Base Cape Cod is the largest piece of undeveloped land on Cape Cod and is home to 37 state-listed species. The Camp Edwards Training Area sits atop an aquifer that is a source of drinking water for Upper Cape Cod.

The EMC is comprised of the commissioners of the Department of Fish and Game, the Department of Environmental Protection (MassDEP) and the Department of Conservation and Recreation. Its authority comes from Massachusetts Chapter 47 of the Acts of 2002. The EMC oversees compliance with, and enforcement of, the Environmental Performance Standards. Environmental Performance Standards are a set of standards specifically created through the Massachusetts Environmental Policy Act process to protect the resources in the Reserve.

Upper Cape Water Supply Reserve (Camp Edwards Training Area) and the northern 15,000 acres of JBCC are public conservation land dedicated to three primary purposes:

  • water supply and wildlife habitat protection,
  • the development and construction of public water supply systems,
  • and the use and training of the military forces of the commonwealth; provided that, such military use and training is compatible with the natural resource purposes of water supply and wildlife habitat protection.