The Science Advisory Council Ad Hoc Committee
will meet on
Wednesday, July 17th at 1:30 pm
Building 5221, Turpentine Road, Camp Edwards,
on Joint Base Cape Cod


Meeting Agenda
1. Welcome - Dr. Phil Gschwend, Ad Hoc Chair
2. Review of Action Items and Administrative Updates - Mr. Len Pinaud, EMC Environmental Officer, Dr. Michael Ciaranca, Camp Edwards
3. Cold Regions Research Lab Update - Dr. Jay Clausen, ERDL-CRREL
4. Review of Training Simulator TTB Test DataDr. Michael Ciaranca, Camp Edwards
5. Public Comment - Dr. Phil Gschwend, Ad Hoc Chair
6. Adjourn - Dr. Phil Gschwend, Ad Hoc Chair

For further information please contact
Leonard Pinaud, EMC Environmental Officer, at 508-968-5127

posted 7/10/19


Massachusetts National Guard
Environmental and Readiness Center

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