The Environmental Management Commission (EMC)
will meet on
Thursday, May 23rd at 9:30 am
at Building 1805, West Outer Road, Camp Edwards
Joint Base Cape Cod, Bourne, MA.

The EMC, established by a Memorandum of Agreement and Massachusetts law,
oversees and monitors military and other activities on the northern training areas of Camp Edwards.

For further information please contact Leonard Pinaud, EMC Environmental Officer, at 508-946-2871.

1. Welcome, Opening Remarks and Introductions - Mr. Ronald Amidon, EMC Chair

2. Review and Approval of EMC Minutes
- EMC Commissioners

3. Eversource Switching Station Update - Michael Howard, Epsilon Associates, Inc.

4. Environmental Officer Update - Mr. Leonard Pinaud, EMC Environmental Officer

5. Report from the Community and Science Advisory Councils - Council Chairs

6. Vote: The EMC shall discuss and vote on the revised Guidelines and Procedures for the Administration of the Environmental Management Commission and its Advisory Councils

7. Camp Edwards Update - Dr. Michael Ciaranca, E&RC, MAARNG

8. Natural Resources Update - Mr. Jacob McCumber, Natural Resource Manager, MAARNG

9. Combined Arms Exercise - Request for the Use of Training Simulators - Major Alexander McDonough, MAARNG Camp Edwards/Dr. Michael Ciaranca, E&RC, MAARNG

10. Public Comment - Mr. Ronald Amidon, EMC Chair

11. Adjourn - Mr. Ronald Amidon, EMC Chair

Posted 5/18/19


Massachusetts National Guard
Environmental and Readiness Center

Building 3468
Beaman Street
Camp Edwards, MA 02542

Office hours 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Monday through Friday

Fax: 508-968-5144


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