The Environmental & Readiness Center conducts community outreach activities to inform, involve and educate community members from the towns surrounding the JBCC.  The center coordinates with all organizations on base and is a central point of contact for JBCC environmental program information.  The center is also responsible for balancing the needs of current training with environmental protection of the Massachusetts Army National Guard training lands at Camp Edwards.  The center manages programs to maintain and improve training lands, protect natural and cultural resources, plan and design installation improvements, and manage and minimize hazardous materials and hazardous waste generated at Camp Edwards to guarantee the best training for Soldiers and the highest level of protection for the environment at Camp Edwards.  Contact: 508-968-5143


Army National Guard Training Site Camp Edwards, encompassing 15,000+ acres of JBCC, is a military training facility for National Guard and Army Reserve Soldiers throughout New England.  Camp Edwards is also home to a National Guard Aviation Battalion and a Regional Training Institute.  Contact: 508-968-5885,


The 102nd Intelligence Wing operates out of Otis Air National Guard Base in the southern portion of Joint Base Cape Cod.  The current mission of the intelligence wing is to provide world-wide precision intelligence and command and control along with trained and experienced Airmen for expeditionary combat support and homeland security.  Contact: 508-968-4090,


U.S. Coast Guard Base Cape Cod is the Coast Guard's primary tenant command within Joint Base Cape Cod (JBCC). Established in August 2014, U.S. Coast Guard Base Cape Cod serves as the single DCMS touch point for the support of Coast Guard operations within the 1st Coast Guard District, standing shoulder-to-shoulder with operational partners to ensure the delivery of professional, responsive and cost-effective services to the American public. With the shift in support services to Base Cape Cod, all services and support oriented departments are now located at Base Cape Cod.  Contact:  508-968-6623

Air Station Cape Cod (ASCC), with its three helicopters and four jets, is the only Coast Guard Aviation facility in the northeast. ASCC is responsible for the waters from New Jersey to the Canadian border and maintains the ability to launch a helicopter and/or jet within 30 minutes of a call, 365 days-a-year, 24 hours-a-day, and in nearly any weather condition.

Cape Cod Air Force Station 6th Space Warning Squadron's PAVE PAWS Radar:  PAVE PAWS is the only ground-based sensor facility providing missile warning for the east coast of the United States and southern Canada against intercontinental and sea-launched ballistic missiles.  The squadron conducts space surveillance of 1,200 to 1,500 Earth-orbiting satellites per day, providing detection, tracking, collision avoidance and re-entry data to NORAD Space Control Center at Cheyenne Mountain, Colorado. Contact 508-968-3334.


The 253rd Combat Communications Group trains and participates in communications and air traffic control operations worldwide.  Contact: 508-968-7241,


Air Force Civil Engineering Center:  The Installation Restoration Program, managed by AFCEC, is responsible for the investigation and cleanup of contamination from past military practices mainly within the southern portion of JBCC.  Contact: 508-968-4678, ext. 2, 


The Impact Area Groundwater Study Program is conducting investigation and clean up of groundwater contamination and its sources on and emanating from the Camp Edwards' training and contractor testing areas on the upper 15,000 acres of the JBCC. Contact: 508-968-5626,


Massachusetts National Cemetery:  The Massachusetts National Cemetery is administered by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs and is the only National Veterans' Cemetery in New England.  It occupies 600 acres on Joint Base Cape Cod. Contact: 508-563-7113,


The U.S. Department of Agriculture operates an Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) that protects plants and helps to quarantine pests and plant diseases.  The JBCC facility is one of only three regional APHIS centers.  They study pests such as the Asian longhorn beetle, the Japanese beetle and the gypsy moth.  Contact: 508-563-9303 x 21,


The Senior AmeriCorps Program on Cape Cod assists technical professionals on various environmental projects at the JBCC.  Contact: 508-968-5125.




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