HSI's seminars equip senior leaders with the resources and capabilities required to provide an effective response during crisis events. These seminars include the General and Flag Officer Homeland Security Executive Seminar (GFOS), the Leadership in Homeland Security Seminar (LHS), and the Foundations in Homeland Security Seminar (FHS). GFOS, LHS, and FHS are part of HSI's Educational Continuum.

Throughout the seminars, central questions will focus on the leadership levels: What do leaders need to do before a crisis, how do they need to operate during a crisis, and how do they make the most significant possible contribution with the available resources? Reviewing and addressing these central questions before real-world emergencies occur, equips participants to respond when most needed.

*Participants do not need to take courses in sequence and may take what best suits the needs of their organization.*

Note: Participation requires the appropriate level of approval from either the General Officer Management Office (GOMO) or approval at the state level.

“The course and all of the classes were very timely and extremely valuable to my current duties and responsibilities. My only regret is that I was not in the course prior to Hurricane Irene.”

- Lt Gen Michael Dubie