The Foundations in Homeland Security Seminar (FHS)

FEMA Regions

***Currently under development, not taking new applicants***

WHO: National Guard Officers ranking O3 and above and for civilians in order to attend would need to meet the O3 equivalent on the GS Scale.

WHAT: FHS equips junior leaders with the resources and capabilities required to provide an effective response during crisis events at the tactical level.



WHY: Throughout FHS, central questions will focus on the tactical level of leadership: What do leaders need to do before a crisis, how do they need to operate during a crisis, and how do they make the greatest possible contribution with the available resources? Reviewing and addressing these prior to real world emergencies equips graduates to promptly respond when most needed.

This seminar is unfunded. HSI's vision for FHS is to expand to have a seminar at each of the 10 FEMA regions in order to properly respond to relevant emergencies in their regions.

HOW: Inaction or uncertainty in times of crisis can lead to costly mistakes. Using case studies on major events, FHS provides participants with knowledge to effectively ground themselves in their roles amidst a crisis to accurately perceive what is occurring and what to do about it, while also creating connections with key stakeholders.

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