The Massachusetts Institute of Technology-Lincoln Laboratory (MIT-LL) and Northeastern University, in affiliation with the National Guard Homeland Security Institute, has developed a four-day seminar for military officers and senior non-commissioned officers, as well as civilians from various federal, state, and municipal organizations within the homeland security community. The seminar is part of the NGB’s mission to offer world-class professional education in homeland protection and response. This seminar will prove most beneficial to operations officers, Homeland Response Forces (HRFs), first responders, law enforcement officers, and space, cyber and intelligence professionals consisting of technical lectures, demonstrations, and hands-on exercises.

The Homeland Protection Seminar (HPS) spans four separate days, covering topics to include the role of the National Guard within the domains of homeland protection, natural and manmade threats, border and maritime security, and emerging technologies in the domains of cyber, space, and innovation. The seminar provides a unique opportunity to bring together key leaders from across the homeland security community to discuss the present and future of homeland security and its various aspects of practice.


If you are interested in attending the Homeland Protection Seminar (HPS), contact us HERE with your name and email for more information.