On behalf of the National Guard Bureau, welcome to the Homeland Security Institute (HSI). HSI is a training and professional education institute that serves homeland security leaders and practitioners through the strategic, operational, and tactical levels. HSI brings together inter-service personnel, industry, and academia in order to provide real-world, relevant, and timely executive level education to leaders throughout the National Guard.

Currently there is a gap between in the National Guard’s Professional military education (PME) in regards to the National Guard’s state level mission. HSI fills the gap between Big Army's/Air Force's PME doctrine and the PME needs of the National Guard's senior leadership specific to their military support mission. This state-level perspective includes addressing the challenges of inter-state operations and inter-agency cooperation between the National Guard, state, and federal government organizations.

Working in tandem with established educational institutions, HSI delivers a joint training continuum of National Guard-centric frameworks, supplemented by academic research, field lessons learned, and best practices espoused by Homeland Security (HS), Emergency Management (EM), industry, and academic professionals. Participants are provided with the tools necessary to make informed decisions during planned or unplanned incidents. Current program hosts include the Harvard Kennedy School, Massachusetts Institute of Technology's Lincoln Laboratory, and Northeastern University's Kostas Research Institute. Typical cohorts are the leadership of the Army and Air National Guard, federal, state, & municipal emergency management organizations, civilian first responders (i.e. EMS, fire, & law enforcement), non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and private sector institutions that also operate in the homeland security and emergency management domain. Click on the Events tab above to learn more about program offerings.