Program of Study

    The University Program (UP) establishes a framework for affiliation between the National Guard Bureau's Homeland Security Institute (HSI) and participating universities who offer Homeland Security master degrees or related fields of study.

    To facilitate service members furthering their education, the HSI developed a graduate curriculum of homeland security, emergency management, and leadership courses that constitute the HSI Program of Study.

    Universities desiring affiliation with the HSI UP may recognize, in whole or in part, the HSI Program of Study. The HSI Program of Study varies among institutions and is developed based on specific degree requirements and the amount of transferable credits bestowed upon matriculating service members.

    The process of developing an affiliation with HSI requires universities to assess the HSI Program of Study curriculum (below) and determine which courses best apply to their respective graduate degree program. The HSI Program of study is comprised of three components: incident command systems, resident emergency management courses, and professional military education courses. For a full description of these courses, please see the links below:

  1. Emergency Management Independent Study (IS)
    1. Incident Command System (ICS), Online and Resident
    2. National Incident Management System (NIMS), Online

  2. Defense Support of Civil Authorities (DSCA)
    1. DSCA Phase I, Online
    2. DSCA Phase II, Resident

  3. Resident 3 to 5 Day Homeland Security Seminars
    1. Topics in Homeland Security
    2. Homeland Protection Course

  4. Professional Military Education (PME)
    1. Professional Development
      • Advanced Operations Course
      • Command and General Staff College Common Core
      • Captains Career Course (by branch)
      • Senior Non-Commissioned Officer
    2. Operations Management
      • Joint Operations Center (JOC) 101 Courses
      • Advanced JOC Training
      • Joint Air Operations Staff Course
      • Joint Interagency Multinational Planner's Course
    3. Strategic Planning
      • Advanced Strategic Leader Studies Program
      • Junior Officer Strategic Leader Development Program

    For universities desiring affiliation with the HSI, they will assess the above Program of Study graduate coursework for transferable credit. Upon agreement between the HSI and a prospective affiliate university, both parties will establish a Memorandum of Agreement towards the acceptance HSI graduate coursework for transfer credits to be applied to the university's masters degree in homeland security or a related field.

    It is recommended that universities desiring to establish a credit transfer of coursework with the HSI, accept at minimum the following requirements from the following graduate curriculum:

    Affiliation with HSI requires a signed Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) upon the agreement of accepted coursework and transferable credit. Once the MOU is signed, HSI provides a certificate of completion which validates the successful completion of the HSI Program of Study coursework and awards the transferable credit upon enrollment.


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