University Programs


    The University Program (UP) is an initiative of the Homeland Security Institute to provide the National Guard with a greater pool of highly trained Emergency Management professionals. Through the UP, National Guard service members can study online to obtain a Masters degree in Homeland Security or other similarly approved field from universities across the country.

    There are two elements to every UP: an HSI Program of Study developed in tandem with the host university, followed by the complementing coursework from the host university. The key benefits of the UP to the service member is the flexible program nature and the awarding of college credits from the HSI Program of study, generally leading to an expedited an more affordable graduate degree. Click HERE for a list of participating universities and degrees offered.


    The Homeland Security Institute also created its University Program to assist universities. With minimal effort, universities are affiliated with HSI and in many cases, do not need to create new coursework. The UP allows HSI affiliates to further utilize their existing offerings and avail them to the entirety of the service members of the National Guard.

    The intial process of developing an affiliation with HSI requires universities to assess the HSI Program of Study curriculum (below) and determine which courses best apply to their respective graduate degree program. For a full description of these courses and seminars, see the links below:

  1. Emergency Management Independent Study (IS)
    1. Incident Command System (ICS), Online and Resident
    2. National Incident Management System (NIMS), Online

  2. Defense Support of Civil Authorities (DSCA)
    1. DSCA Phase I, Online
    2. DSCA Phase II, Resident

  3. Resident 3 to 5 Day Homeland Security Seminars
    1. Topics in Homeland Security
    2. Homeland Protection Seminar

  4. Professional Military Education (PME)
    1. Professional Development
      • Advanced Operations Course
      • Command and General Staff College Common Core
      • Captains Career Course (by branch)
      • Senior Non-Commissioned Officer
    2. Operations Management
      • Joint Operations Center (JOC) 101 Courses
      • Advanced JOC Training
      • Joint Air Operations Staff Course
      • Joint Interagency Multinational Planner's Course
    3. Strategic Planning
      • Advanced Strategic Leader Studies Program
      • Junior Officer Strategic Leader Development Program

    Click HERE to contact the Homeland Security Institute for more detailed information regarding this opportunity.