University Program

***PROGRAM UNDER REVIEW, not accepting new applicants at this time.***

Eastern Kentucky University Nichols College Northeastern University Notre Dame College Tulane University

Who: The University Program is open to any Soldier or Airmen who possesses a bachelors degree and is seeking to pursue a masters in homeland security or emergency management. The program is currently under development with the intent to expand offerings to undergraduate universities, as well as expanding both the undergraduate and graduate program to all 54 states and territories.

What: HSI works with accredited universities who combine their web-based masters degree requirements alongside HSI's Program of Study (POS), which is a predetermined set of online homeland security courses. The credit received from HSI's POS allows students to receive an accelerated and more affordable masters degree.

When & Where: Any time, it's online! Please visit participating universities on their website links by clicking the university icon above!

Why: The University Program's intent is to assist service members in furthering their education to strengthen the community of homeland security professionals within the National Guard.

How: HSI works with multiple universities to distinguish their POS. Each POS is unique by being tailored to the universities requirements.

1. Choose the specific university program that you are interested in from the university program page.
2. Submit your Letter of Intent to HSI (this is not binding).
3. Contact the university and apply.
4. Upon Acceptance, complete the HSI Program of Study (requirements vary by university).
5. Submit your completion certificates through email to the HSI mailbox.
6. Receive an official HSI Program of Study Completion Certificate and present it to the university to receive credit.

HSI Program of Study

1. Emergency Management Independent Study(IS)
Course # Course Title Location
IS 100.B Introduction to Incident Command System Online
IS 200.C ICS Basic Incident Command System for Initial Response Online
IS 230.D Fundamentals of Emergency Management Online
ICS 300 Intermediate Incident Command System Resident
ICS 400 Advanced ICS Command and General Staff Resident
IS 700.B NIMS, An Introduction Online
IS 703.A NIMS Resource Management Online
IS 800.C National Response Framework, An Introduction Online

2. Defense Support of Civil Authorities (DSCA)

Course Title Location
DSCA Phase 1 Online
DSCA Phase 2 Resident

3. HSI 3-5 day Resident Seminar