The Homeland Security Institute (HSI) has developed relationships with top tier universities and colleges that award graduate-level credit for our professional development courses when taken with select ICS and resident courses.

The University Program affords Soldiers and Airmen the opportunity to complete a master's degree through select universities in either a Homeland Security or Emergency Management field.


The graduate course curriculum will vary between universities. The majority of classes will focus on areas within Homeland Security.

HSI continues to manage the Program of Study . This set of predetermined courses is what fuses the university with the HSI, to create the University Program.

Other prerequisites include specific ICS and resident classes that are available free of charge through various State and Federal agencies.


Who should Attend

The Homeland Security Institute's University Program is open to any Soldier or Airmen who already possess a bachelor's degree and is seeking to pursue a master's in homeland security or emergency management.

To receive information on our program, email or call us at 339-202-3513

Letter of Intent



Eastern Kentucky University

Master of Science in Safety, Security & Emergency Management

Angelo State University

Master of Science in Homeland Security

Nichols College

Master of Science in Counterterrorism

Arizona State University

Master of Science in Homeland Security

Northeastern University

Master of Arts in Homeland Security

Clemson University

Master of Public Administration in Homeland Defense & Security

Notre Dame College

Master of Arts in National Security & Intelligence Studies

Colorado Technical University

Master of Science in Criminal Justice Homeland Security

Tulane University (2 Options)

Master of Professional Studies in
--Homeland Security Studies
--Emergency Management

University of Denver

Master of Arts in International Security

University of Massachusetts Lowell

Master of Arts in Homeland Defense