National Guard Bureau

Homeland Security Institute

General and Flag Officer Executive Seminar

The General and Flag Officer Homeland Security Executive Seminar is designed by Harvard Kennedy School’s Program on Crisis Leadership specifically for the National Guard and the United States Coast Guard. The program equips senior leaders with the resources and capabilities to produce an effective response.


This program emphasizes the critical role of the National Guard and United States Coast Guard as the backbone of the nation’s leadership cadre for providing the essential intermediate response to large, complex, multi-jurisdiction, multi-level, multi-sectoral events.


Through intensive case study-based discussion of recent events, participants will develop concepts and frameworks for the design and execution of response in complex, multi-jurisdictional and multi-sectoral environments. Throughout the discussions, the central questions will focus on leadership: what do leaders need to do before an event, how do they need to operate during an event, and how do they make the greatest possible contribution to the nation’s security?



“The course and all of the classes were very timely and extremely valuable to my current duties and responsibilities.  My only regret is that I was not in the course prior to Hurricane Irene.”

 -  Lt Gen Michael Dubie


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