National Guard Bureau

Homeland Security Institute

MIT Lincoln Labs Homeland Protection Course

Homeland Protection is a broad, challenging mission area for which advanced technology and systems analysis are increasingly required. In recognition of this, Lincoln Laboratory, in affiliation with the National Guard Homeland Security Institute, has developed a three-day course for military and government civilians to provide a broad understanding of homeland protection missions, enabling technologies and architectures, as well as current challenges. This course consists of technical lectures, demonstrations, and hands-on exercises.


The first two days of the course will focus on three key areas within Homeland Protection: Disaster Response and Incident Management, Critical Infrastructure Protection, and Chemical, Biological and Explosives Defense and Security. The third and final day of the course will consist of two hands-on culminating exercises to solidify concepts presented during the first two days of the course: a Disaster Response related exercise and a Critical Infrastructure Protection related exercise.


The final day of the course will consist of two half-day culminating exercises intended to solidify concepts presented during the first two days of the course. The disaster response related exercise will provide hands-on experience addressing a large-scale dynamic incident. The exercise will emphasize distributed multi-agency collaboration and applied decision making. The infrastructure protection related exercise will be an interactive event where teams are challenged to solve a real-time law enforcement investigation.



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