Chaplain's Office

Massachusetts National Guard Chaplains serve both God and country by bringing their unique gifts to the Soldiers and Airmen of our commonwealth in the broad, challenging, diverse, and ever changing environment of the National Guard.

Chaplains minister to our commonwealth’s sons and daughters, and their families. Chaplains bring them closer to God in times of need, help prepare them for the difficult challenges they'll face and counsel them when those tough times arise.

  • Overseeing religious ministries: including workshops; counseling sessions; religious education and special events.
  • Providing counsel and guidance in suicide prevention.
  • Assisting those with Post-traumatic stress disorder issues.
  • Providing marriage and relationship enhancement.
  • Officiating at military functions, funerals, memorials and other ceremonies.
  • Providing religious ministry to a variety of armed service personnel and civilians from foreign nations and agencies.

If you need to speak with a chaplain, contact the Massachusetts National Guard Chaplain Helpline - Mobile Phone Number - 508-328-2670. The Chaplain Helpline is a cell phone with voice messaging capability manned by a chaplain for prompt response.

  • Compassionate Listening
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Appropriate Referral
  • Field Coordination with a local Chaplain

Suicide Prevention & Awareness


Charlie Baker

Governor of Massachusetts

Major General
Gary Keefe

The Adjutant General

Senior Enlisted Leader
Greg Widberg

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