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Diversity is a critical component of the Massachusetts National Guard’s ability to maintain a ready and reliable force in today’s complex and dynamic operational environment.  In order to maintain our capabilities for a ready and reliable force, leaders at all levels must strive to retain qualified service members.  Our demographics reflect a diverse force at the lowest echelons of command.  The leadership challenge is to retain this diverse force at both the Senior NCO and Officer Corps level.

It is my goal to support and empower leaders to incorporate and refine the best practices already in use.  We will accomplish this by setting goals and establishing measurable objectives in such areas as education, training, and mentorship.  I ask all Commanders to review these programs and candidly assess their effectiveness in contributing to diversity and the effects for enhancing or detracting from retention.  In particular, I ask you to assess how you currently implement or plan to promote these goals within your organizations.

Instead of increasing requirements on the force, I challenge leaders to capitalize on opportunities to use existing programs such as officer and NCO professional development activities, formal and informal first line leader counseling sessions, mentorship activities, new service member unit sponsorship programs, and community based events.

My end state is not to have a proclamation with a check-the-box-program but rather an increased awareness to opportunities for diversity in the Massachusetts National Guard while retaining diversity and enhancing inclusion in our senior ranks.


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