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HANSCOM AIR FORCE BASE, Mass. – Gov. Charlie Baker has announced that Maj. Gen. Gary W. Keefe has been designated to perform the duties of the Adjutant General of the Massachusetts National Guard.


Keefe assumes these responsibilities, as Lt. Gen. L. Scott Rice has entered active federal service as the Director, Air National Guard, National Guard Bureau in Washington, D.C.


"We are grateful for General Rice’s distinguished record of service and leadership as an Airman and Adjutant General of the 9,000-member Massachusetts National Guard that will continue to serve our national security well as the Director of the Air National Guard,” said Governor Baker. "I would like to thank General Rice for his many contributions and extend our thanks to General Keefe, whose military experience and knowledge will be critical to the continued readiness of the Massachusetts National Guard members who serve our Commonwealth and nation during this time.”


"I'm honored that Governor Baker has given me the opportunity to lead the fine Soldiers and Airmen of the Massachusetts National Guard," Keefe said. “Lieutenant General Rice has done an outstanding job leading our service members during the past four years and I look forward to taking on this new responsibility. I will ensure that our Soldiers and Airmen are trained and equipped to complete both our federal and state missions when called upon as we have done for the past 379 years."


Keefe will be responsible for the strategic direction, administration and operation of the Massachusetts National Guard with an annual budget of $450 million and ensure approximately 9,000 Soldiers, Airmen and civilians are trained, equipped and mission-ready to support national security objectives overseas as well as protect life and property and preserve peace, order and public safety as directed in times of natural disaster and civil emergency within Massachusetts.

Prior to this assignment, Keefe served Assistant Adjutant General and Commander, Massachusetts Air National Guard, Vice Chief of Joint Staff, Massachusetts National Guard, Director of Staff, Massachusetts Air National Guard and the Director of Manpower, Personnel and Human Resources for the Massachusetts National Guard.


Keefe received his commission in 1986 through the Reserve Officer Training Corps program at Norwich University. Once commissioned he served as a Ground Launched Cruise Missile Launch Officer with the 71st Tactical Missile Squadron, Florennes Air Base, Belgium.

Keefe completed his Active Duty service in 1992 as a Peacekeeper Inter-Continental Ballistic Missile Combat Crew Flight Commander, and evaluator with the 90th Strategic Missile Wing, Francis E. Warren Air Force Base, Wyoming.


Keefe joined the Massachusetts Air National Guard in 1992 with the 104th Fighter Wing as an Active Guard full-time officer where he served in a variety of key roles.


Keefe served as the Expeditionary Logistics Group Commander in 1999 in support of Operation Allied Force for the presidentially activated 104th Expeditionary Operations Group, Birgi Air Base, Trapani, Italy. He commanded 400 United States Air Forces Europe personnel from the Air National Guard’s 104th Fighter Wing, 110th Fighter Wing, and the 124th Fighter Wing, and Airmen from the United States Air Force and Air Force Reserve.


Keefe served as the 387th Expeditionary Logistics Group Commander at a classified location in Southwest Asia in 2003 during Operation Enduring and Operation Iraqi Freedom. He commanded 800 U.S. Central Command personnel and was responsible for all aircraft maintenance and logistics activities associated with A-10 aircraft and Predator Unmanned Aerial Vehicle activities throughout the Air Campaign.




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