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National Guard Engineers Continue Digging

QUINCY, Mass. — Soldiers of the 379th and 181st Engineering Companies conducted snow-clearing operations in multiple locations throughout Massachusetts, Feb. 12. The Mass. National Guard Soldiers implemented a two-part plan, using both heavy equipment and hand-held shovel teams, to ensure that the citizens of Quincy, Braintree, Hull, and many other cities could safely return to their regular schedules.


“We just finished missions in Hull and Weymouth,” said Lt. Col Shawn Cody, commander of the 101st Engineering Battalion, which commands the 181st and 379th. “The towns especially were fighting an uphill battle, and they seem to think the Soldiers have turned the tide. Over 80% of Hull’s roadways were totally blocked before we arrived. Emergency services had to put people on sleds to get them to their vehicles.”


“We left Hull this morning,” said Command Sgt. Major J.P. Ryan of the 101st. The partnership with civilian emergency services was very successful, said Ryan. “We met with Chief Christopher Russo, Hull’s acting fire chief, who took our Soldiers around to clear streets, and [Cody] presented him with a commander’s coin. Chief Russo couldn’t thank the Mass. National Guard enough for assisting his town, hugging Cody and myself.”


The unprecedented amount of snow had overwhelmed local plow contractors, city workers and emergency services by late Feb. 9th, causing Gov. Charlie Baker to activate over 500 Soldiers and Airmen from throughout the commonwealth and multiple states in the region to bring the engineers to their aid.


These Soldiers embodied the spirit of their motto “Victory Started Here”, said Ryan, as they worked throughout the night to put skills acquired over 12 recent combat deployments to use unearthing their hometowns and communities.


“They really represent the best of the Guard, the commonwealth, and the nation,” continued Cody.


“Each of our Soldiers volunteered at a moment’s notice to come in to help clear out the roads.” The warm response the Soldiers received drove home that the professional service they provided day and night has been both necessary and welcome.



Charlie Baker

Governor of Massachusetts

Major General
Gary Keefe

The Adjutant General

Command Sergeant Major
Carlos Ramos Rivera

State Command Sergeant Major


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