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JBCC Contact Information:

  • 102nd IW/Otis Air National Guard Base Contact Public Affairs, 508-968-7200

  • Headquarters Camp Edwards: 339-202-9309

  • Coast Guard Quarterdeck: 508-968-6800

  • Cape Cod Air Force Station (6th Space warning Squadron): 508-968-3277

  • Environmental & Readiness Center: 339-202-9342 or 339-202-9341

  • Army National Guard Ground Water Study Program: 339-202-9351

  • Air Force Civil Engineer Center: 508-968-4678 ext 2
  • Base Chapel: 508-968-6343

  • Base Exchange: 508-563-2495
  • Base Gas Station: 508-968-6683

  • Golf Course: 508-968-6453

  • Medical Clinic - Coast Guard: 508-968-6572

  • Mass National Cemetery: 508-563-7113

  • U.S. Dept. of Agriculture: 508-563-0901

  • Mass National Guard Joint Force Headquarters (Hanscom AFB) public affairs: 339-202-3952

  • Base Fire Station (non-emergency): 508-968-7998

  • Camp Edwards Billeting office 508-968-5915

  • Wind Turbine queries Air Force Civil Engineering Center: 508-968-4678 ext 2
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JBCC Tenant/Organization Information:

Massachusetts Air National Guard 102nd Intelligence Wing
The 102nd Intelligence Wing operates out of Otis Air National Guard Base in the southern portion of the Joint Base Cape Cod (JBCC). The intelligence wing provides world-wide precision intelligence and command and control along with trained and experienced Airmen for expeditionary combat support and homeland security. The intelligence wing also maintains and operates base-wide services such as the drinking water supply, the wastewater treatment plant, roads, electrical power, and operates environmental programs ensuring that current intelligence wing operations are conducted in accordance with all state, federal and Department of Defense environmental requirements.

Contact Public Affairs, 508-968-4003

U.S. Coast Guard Base Cape Cod
U.S. Coast Guard Base Cape Cod is the Coast Guard's primary tenant command within Joint Base Cape Cod (JBCC). Established in August 2014, U.S. Coast Guard Base Cape Cod serves as the single DCMS touch point for the support of Coast Guard operations within the 1st Coast Guard District, standing shoulder-to-shoulder with operational partners to ensure the delivery of professional, responsive and cost-effective services to the American public. With the shift in support services to Base Cape Cod, all services and support oriented departments are now located at Base Cape Cod
Contact Air Station Cape Cod Quarterdeck, 508-968-6800

U.S. Coast Guard Air Station Cape Cod
Air Station Cape Cod (ASCC), with its three helicopters and four jets, is the only Coast Guard Aviation facility in the northeast. As such, ASCC is responsible for the waters from New Jersey to the Canadian border. Additionally, the Coast Guard manages all airfield operations for the joint use, exclusive military Cape Cod Coast Guard Air Station. Centrally located on the JBCC, ASCC maintains the ability to launch a helicopter and/or jet within 30 minutes of a call, 365 days-a-year, 24 hours-a-day, and in nearly any weather condition. Coast Guard members at ASCC perform a variety of missions including search and rescue, homeland security, fisheries law enforcement, aids to navigation, marine safety, and marine environmental protection. Over three hundred active duty and civilian personnel work at ASCC and many Coast Guard families—approximately 2,000 residents—reside in housing on the JBCC.

Contact Air Station Cape Cod Quarterdeck, 508-968-6800

Massachusetts Army National Guard Training Site Camp Edwards
Camp Edwards, encompassing 15,000 acres of the JBCC, is the primary military training facility for National Guard and Army Reserve soldiers throughout New England. Camp Edwards’ primary mission is to prepare soldiers for combat missions overseas as well as missions to serve and protect the homeland stateside. Training facilities at the base include a Tactical Training Base, used to simulate an overseas Forward Operating Base, urban operations training facilities, small arms ranges, convoy training, and state-of-the-art simulators. The facilities are also available for use by civilian first responders. Camp Edwards is also home to a National Guard aviation battalion with utility helicopter and air traffic control companies, three engineer units and the Regional Training Institute.

Contact 339-202-9309

Cape Cod Air Force Station 6th Space Warning Squadron
Cape Cod Air Force Station is the only land based radar site providing missile warning for the eastern coast of the United States and southern Canada against intercontinental and sea-launched ballistic missiles. The active duty U.S. and Canadian military, and BAE Systems contractors at the Air Force Station, also conduct space surveillance, with approximately 2,600 satellite tracks totaling about 9,100 observations daily. This critical tracking information is electronically transmitted to the Joint Space Operations Center—Space Situational Awareness Operations Cell at Vandenberg Air Force Base, CA, where it’s used to maintain a space catalog including more than 18,000 currently orbiting objects, serving an essential role of collision avoidance.

Contact Public Affairs, 508-968-3277

Massachusetts National Guard Environmental & Readiness Center
The Environmental & Readiness Center manages programs to maintain and improve training lands, protect natural and cultural resources, plan and design installation improvements, and manage and minimize hazardous materials and hazardous waste generated at Camp Edwards to guarantee the best training for soldiers and the highest level of protection for the environment at Camp Edwards. The center is responsible for balancing the needs of current training with environmental protection of the Massachusetts Army National Guard training lands at the base. The center also conducts community outreach activities to inform, involve and educate community members from the towns surrounding the JBCC. The center coordinates with all organizations on base and is a central point of contact for JBCC environmental program information.
Contact Emily Kelly 339-202-9341

Massachusetts Army National Guard Impact Area Groundwater Study Program
The Impact Area Groundwater Study Program is addressing groundwater contamination and its sources on and emanating from Camp Edwards on the northern 15,000 acres of the JBCC. The program has cleaned more than 50,000 tons of soil from six source areas and treated more than 1 billion gallons of groundwater. Groundwater treatment systems are now treating 2.8 million gallons of groundwater per day and reducing those plumes with the highest levels of contamination. The program continues to move forward with plans to address other areas of contamination as necessary.
Contact Lori Boghdan, 339-202-9351

Air Force Civil Engineer Center (AFCEC), Installation Restoration Program
The Installation Restoration Program, managed by AFCEC, is responsible for the investigation and cleanup of contamination from past military practices at the JBCC. The program has managed 80 source areas and 11 groundwater plumes in various stages of cleanup. AFCEC is currently treating approximately 13 million gallons of contaminated groundwater per day.
Contact Doug Karson, 508-968-4678, ext. 2
Information available here on our web site at afcec.html

Massachusetts National Cemetery
The Massachusetts National Cemetery is administered by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs and is the only National Veterans’ Cemetery in New England. It occupies 750 acres on the JBCC.

Contact John Spyurt, 508-563-7113

U.S. Department of Agriculture
The U.S. Department of Agriculture, Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) safeguards the nation’s agricultural and natural resources from invasions of foreign pest organisms. This APHIS facility, Otis Pest Survey Detection and Exclusion Laboratory, provides operational support for national efforts to exclude and detect introductions of exotic pests. The laboratory also provides support for the control of pests, such as the emerald ash borer, Sirex wood wasp, Asian long horned beetle, Asian gypsy moth, and offshore port monitoring programs.
Contact Vic Mastro, 508-563-0901