Available Positions: 102nd Intelligence Wing

AFSC AFSC/Position Title Category  Available Positions
1C3X1 Command Post  Enlisted  1
1C8X3 Airfield and Ground Weather Radar Enlisted  Multiple
1D7X1A Network Systems Operations  Enlisted  Multiple
1D7X1B Systems Operations  Enlisted  Multiple
1D7X1D Cyber Security  Enlisted  Multiple
1D7X1E Client Systems  Enlisted  1
1D7X1K Knowledge Operations Enlisted  1
1D7X1R RF Transmissions Systems  Enlisted  Multiple
1D7X2F Spectrum Operations  Enlisted  1
1D7X3C Cable Antenna Systems  Enlisted  Multiple
1N0X0 Operations Intelligence Superintendent Enlisted  1
1N0X1 Operations Intelligence Enlisted  Multiple
1N0X2 Intelligence Superintendent  Enlisted  1
1N1X1A Geospatial Intelligence Enlisted  Multiple
1N2X1A Signals Intelligence Analyst Enlisted  Multiple
1N2X2 Cryptologic Intelligence Superintendent  Enlisted  Multiple
1N4X1A Fusion Analyst Enlisted  Multiple
1N4X2 Cryptologic Analyst and Reporter  Enlisted  Multiple
1S0X1 Safety  Enlisted  1
1W0X1 Weather  Enlisted  Multiple
2F0X1 Fuels  Enlisted  Multiple
2T1X1 Vehicle Operator/Dispatcher  Enlisted  1
2T3X1 Vehicle and Vehicular Equipment Maintenance  Enlisted  Multiple
2W0X1 Munitions Systems  Enlisted  Multiple
3E0X1 Electrical Systems  Enlisted  1
3E2X1 Pavements and Construction Equipment  Enlisted  Multiple
3E3X1 Structural  Enlisted  Multiple
3E4X1 Water and Fuel Systems Maintenance  Enlisted  Multiple
3E5X1 Engineering  Enlisted  Multiple
3E9X1 Emergency Management  Enlisted  Multiple
3F0X1 Personnel Enlisted  1
3F1X1 Services  Enlisted  Multiple
3F2X1 Education and Training Enlisted  1
3F5X1 Administration  Enlisted  Multiple
3N0X0 Public Affairs Superintendent Enlisted  1
3N0X6 Public Affairs Enlisted  1
3P0X1B Combat Arms Enlisted  1
4N0X1 Aerospace Medical Service  Enlisted  Multiple
5J0X1 Paralegal Helper Enlisted  1
8F0X0 First Sergeant Enlisted  1
9G1X0 Group Superintendent Enlisted  1
14NX Intelligence Officer Multiple
15WX Weather Officer Multiple
17DXB Network Operations Officer 1
21RX Logistics Readiness Officer 1
35PX Public Affairs Officer 1
38FX Force Support Officer 1
42GX Physician Assistant Officer 1
44EXA Emergency Services Physician Officer 1
44FX Family Physician Officer 1
52RX Chaplain Officer Multiple

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Sexual Assault Prevention

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