State Partnership Program

The State Partnership Program (SPP) is an innovative joint security cooperation program, managed by the National Guard Bureau, executed by the State Adjutant Generals in support of Combatant Commanders security cooperation objectives under the authorities provided by the Department of Defense and Congress.

SPP promotes long-term, enduring and mutually beneficial security relationships with friendly and allied nations around the globe. SPP matches a National Guard state with a foreign partner country to exchange military skills and experience, share defense knowledge, and enhance partnership capacity and further mutual security cooperation.

SPP began in 1993 with establishment of security partnerships between the National Guard states  of Maryland, Michigan and Pennsylvania with three Baltic nations of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania in coordination with US European Command and has grown to over 65 partnerships today in all corners of the globe.

Massachusetts partnership with Paraguay was established in 2001 with over 90 engagements conducted since inception.  The engagements with Paraguay have covered a wide spectrum of topics summarized below:


Leadership and Professional Development
NCO Development
Professional Military Education
Officer Development
Battle Staff
Military Decision Making Process
Defense Support to Civil Authorities
Emergency Management
Crisis Response
Disaster Preparedness
Air Force Modernization
(Fixed and Rotary Wing) Exchanges
Tactical Air Operations
Air Maintenance
Aviation Logistics
Aviation Disaster Management
Aviation Flight Safety
Avionics and Electronics
Water Bucket/Forrest Firefighting Operations
Aviation Enterprise Development
Public Affairs/Information Management

Civilian Leadership of Military Forces
Riot Control
Infantry Tactics
Engineering (construction, combat)
Vehicle Maintenance
Heavy Equipment Maintenance
General Internal
Burn Specialists
Peace Keeping Operations
Military Police Security Operations
Foreign Disaster Response / Humanitarian Assistance
Mobilization Soldier Support and Readiness
Family Programs
Chaplain Support
Special Forces Exchanges
Cultural and Language Immersion Program support

Suicide Prevention & Awareness

Sexual Assault Prevention

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