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One of the Adjutant General’s top priorities for the Massachusetts National Guard is innovation.  The goal of the drive toward greater innovation is leveraging the extraordinary talent we have in the MANG to keep ahead of a rapidly changing operational environment and constantly improve readiness to meet the challenges of today and the future. The Nation’s First has a long tradition of drawing heavily on the diverse experiences of members to field one of the finest and most agile military organizations in the world.

Personnel at all levels must be encouraged to think critically about what we do and be creative in their search for efficiencies. All personnel regardless of rank or experience may have contributions to make which can help accomplish the many missions of the National Guard. The Massachusetts National Guard Innovation Team (MANGIT) exists to facilitate the open, participatory exchange of ideas which ensures the best suggestions from the field are identified, examined and implemented. MANGIT will carefully review ideas from MANG personnel and help submitters to improve these proposals where necessary. The team then serves as a conduit to state leader who, resources permitting, can implement the innovation. MANGIT is here to help innovators, not judge them – all personnel should feel comfortable reaching out to the team.

Unit Innovation Advisors have been appointed across the Land and Air components to assist personnel develop and refine their ideas before submitting them to MANGIT. Personnel can also reach out to the Team directly. Those looking for a larger commitment should consider joining the team.

Finally, the best new way to submit ideas is through the “shark tank” style Patriot Pitch events held in November. The best ideas will compete before a selection board of general officers for a chance at rapid implementation.

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