Office of Intergovernmental & Legislative Affairs

The Massachusetts National Guard Office of Intergovernmental and Legislative Affairs serves as the communications link between the Massachusetts National Guard, The Governor of the Commonwealth, the Massachusetts Executive Branch, The Massachusetts State Legislature, and United States Congress to educate and address requests for information regarding the Adjutant General’s legislative priorities and military readiness requirements of the Massachusetts National Guard.  Additionally, the office acts as the principal interface to research and answer inquiries from both State and Federal legislators regarding constituent inquires.   

Furthermore, the office provides support in preparation of briefings, meetings, hearings, letters, and requests for information on the Massachusetts National Guard and all organized militia units. The office is the primary point of contact for all legislative actions to ensure that the Massachusetts National Guard and Military Division communications are coordinated, timely, accurate and consistent.

The major functions of the Office of Intergovernmental and Legislative Affairs are to:

• Manage and direct all legislative functions and communications between the Governor’s Office, Executive Branch, State Legislature, Congress, and the Massachusetts National Guard.
• Maintain Liaison and relationships with members of the Governor’s Office, the Massachusetts Executive Brance, the State Legislature, and the United States Congress.
• Develop and implement strategies to advance the National Guard and Military Division’s legislative initiatives and other interests relating to Congress
• Articulate the Massachusetts National Guard’s requests for information regarding proposed legislation.
• Coordinate the Massachusetts National Guard’s response to records requests and requests filed under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).
• Lead preparation for Legislative and Congressional hearings and briefings involving Massachusetts National Guard members.
• Support the processing of the Massachusetts Medal of Liberty and the Massachusetts Medal of Fidelity.
• Facilitate the planning and announcement of public meetings for the National Guard and the Military Division.


Points of Contact:

Assistant Adjutant General for Homeland Security, Policy, and Legislation

COL Jason Oberton
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Legislative Liaison

Mr. Jamie Gaitan
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